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Warrior Salt

Warrior Salt - Citrus Blend

Warrior Salt - Citrus Blend

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Bursting with lemon-lime, a slight sweetness and smooth, no-after taste finish. Citrus Blend is hydrating, energizing, and refreshing. No dodgy ingredients, just the real stuff to compliment your workouts and activites.

Ingredients & why we use them

Cane Sugar - The reason we use cane sugar is to help get the electrolytes in the bloodstream as quickly as possible. In the midst of a grueling workout, this is essential. Electrolytes with zero sugar are not effective in hydrating the body fast enough. This is why fruits high in electrolytes naturally contain sugar.

Pink Himalayan Salt - Most electrolyte brands use Sodium Chloride derived from table salt which is refined, bleached, and devoid of minerals. We use unrefined Pink Himalayan Salt that is mineral rich. When you sweat, you primarily lose water and sodium first. This is why our sodium ratio is higher than most electrolyte powders on the market.

Potassium - Supports muscle function. Potassium helps transmit nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract and relax. This can help prevent muscle weakness, fatigue, and cramping.

Magnesium - Magnesium can improve excercise performance by increasing energy production, improving oxygen delivery to muscles, and reducing lactic acid build-up.

Lemon & Lime powder - This powder comes directly from the fruit for real flavor and taste.

Monk Fruit Extract - This comes directly from monk fruit with no erithytol (bullsh*t) added. We use a smidget in every serving to bring more fruit notes without overpowering the lemon and lime powder and adding unnecessary calories.


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