Our Story

Warrior Salt was created to craft the finest natural products to support performance and physical wellness.

Founded by an everyday athlete, Eli Hamgeri, Warrior Salt recognized the modern world’s reliance on a quick-fix mentality and cheap ingredients, neglecting the power of natural products to support long-term health and performance.

Providing an alternative to this lifestyle, Warrior Salt created the world’s cleanest electrolyte powder, focusing on the quality of ingredients rather than the number of them.

Warrior Salt is more than just providing wholesome, natural products, but also building a community. Eli Hamgeri comes from Nigerian- born parents and very humble beginnings. His late father Andrew Hamgeri, grew up in a small village in Nigeria and fetched water for his family. 

Eli took a trip to Nigeria in highschool and witnessed the low quality and harshness of life experienced by families that didn't have access to clean water and electricity. After returning from the trip, he pledged that one day we would do something to help. As a result, Warrior Salt is a proud supporter of Charity Water who is a noble builder of water wells for families all over the world.

Warrior Salt believes there is a Warrior inside of us all, but it is held captive inside by modern comforts, lack of purpose, lack of community, and a world that neglects the importance of health & fitness until it is too late. Our message is simple: Unleash the Warrior within. Become a champion for yourself so that you may be able to help and serve others. We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

Eli Hamgeri - Owner & Founder